EMEA Sales Director



The client was seeking a candidate with extensive nursery industry experience combined with a track record of strategy development and execution in a high-growth SME.

The target profile included comprehensive leadership experience as well as a proven track record of successfully launching brands into new markets.

The client had engaged with an alternative agency prior to our involvement, however, the candidates presented were not of the quality required.

As a result, no progress was made within the first month due to the agency not having a specialist industry network or fully understanding the brief, resulting in termination of the process.


Following the initial delay and the key nature of the vacancy, we prioritised creating an in-depth target profile with the client, mutually agreeing timeframes, and scheduling regular feedback meetings to avoid any further delays to the process.

To begin the process, we created a detailed market map detailing suitable candidates in EMEA, including key information, such as job title, company name, location, notice period, remuneration, and relevant notes.

This was built with a mix of professionals already in our network, along with results from initial headhunt, based on the target profile.

The market map consisted of commercial executives employed with for similar brands, as well as companies that had been through similar journeys, identified via our specialist knowledge of the sector.

With the position being the client’s first hire in UK, we recognized the need to educate and establish their employer brand image.

In partnership with our marketing team and the client, we developed a comprehensive candidate pack, outlining the company, their vision, mission, and values, USP, product categories, awards, the job description, reporting lines, working setup, the interview process and client representatives involved.


The successful candidate was sourced from our network of EMEA commercial executives.

They possessed a proven track recording in leading international growth projects in EMEA, specifically within the industry.

Crucially, they had a hands-on approach with experience of leading teams to deliver company growth and held excellent existing relationships with European retailers and distributors in the industry.


Shortly after the candidate joined the business, they launched the brand into the German market with a DTC model, whilst securing new listings with UK retailers outside of their core product range, also negotiating more favourable terms with their existing retailers.

As a result, we have an ongoing partnership with the client, supporting the build of their EMEA sales and marketing functions to deliver further growth.