European CEO



The client required a CEO with experience in European markets and possessed a strong customer focus.

It was essential that they were able to develop a leading and forward-thinking culture within the business, with a mid-to-long term view of merging a cluster of individual brands.


We began by meticulously building a group of target companies consisting of leading European manufacturers, across the sector, using specialist knowledge of the industry and key factors including portfolio size, personnel, turnover, no. of sites, categories, leadership style, and historical business performance.

In conjunction with stage one, we contacted relevant food executives within existing network of global talent to conduct an initial round of screening and to assess timescales, availability, and initial interest.

Using data from stage one, we executed an international headhunt, targeting North America and EMEA using a paid advertising campaign, building bespoke employer brand marketing tools, and construction of an NDA.

After conducting a series of initial screening interviews, we were able to select a shortlist of individuals who matched the brief set by our client.

Having presented our shortlist of candidates and managed a thorough, three-stage interview process, the client appointed a proven leader who has added significant value in the future direction of the business.


The successful candidate was an experienced CEO with European pedigree and a proven track record in phenomenal customer relationships.

The candidate is a true stalwart of the industry, who has managed significant complexity and scale, as well as possessing the leadership required to integrate a dispersed international cluster of companies.


The candidate’s placement has resulted in significant customer wins and a clear long-term vision & direction for the business.

They have created a high-performance culture which has spread to every level and function of the business, giving it a competitive edge when attracting and onboarding the very best talent available in the market.