Privately-Owned businesses can be diverse in their culture, goals, and attitude toward risk-taking/investment. Often measured, owner-led, and with progressive, carefully curated growth plans, companies operating under this structure emphasise ROI, long-term commitment, and a reasonable level of conformity to the current business structure.

Often our most flexible service, owners are involved in all decision-making at c-suite level, with a varying degree of personal experience, requiring a highly personalised approach throughout the process.

Private Equity and Venture Capital backed businesses require short recruitment processes that deliver immediate results. Key to a successful recruitment campaign within this particular ownership structure is our comprehensive network of high-performing talent, readily available and pre-screened.

On behalf of PE backed businesses, we conduct recruitment campaigns in each of the major business functions, supplying executives with hands-on experience, excellent financial governance, a track record of short-term ROI initiatives, and preparing businesses to be refinanced or sold.

Public Limited companies prioritise stability and the creation of shareholder value in their executive leaders, with this filtering down through all levels of the business.

As a result, Plc’s seek executives with a strong track record of good financial governance, relying heavily on quantitative assessments, and data-based decision making. A strategic view of both short and long-term is required in order to communicate and deliver a stable growth plan that instils shareholder confidence and EoY profits.

Startup & Challenger brands are ambitious, fast-paced, and hands-on. Throughout the business, runs a culture of ‘all hands on deck’, with resilience and the ability to self-motivate key factors to a successful executive.

Often with limited resources, minimal employer brand marketing, and a narrow advertising reach, we regularly support startup and challenger brands in building the essential tools to reach, educate, and attract successful executives, guiding them through the complexities of what is an incredibly critical hire.

B-Corp Certified businesses operate with an elevated emphasis on culture, responsibility, and stakeholder-centred decision making, often sourced from fellow B-Corps or organisations with a similar approach to their operations.

On behalf of B-Corp businesses, we utilise candidate assessment programmes designed to analyse personality, decision-making, and key behavioural traits that align with our client, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of the commercial nature of their particular positions, and how the two successfully exist in tandem.


Defining the exact role requirement with key stakeholders.

Building & advising on a target profile, including experience, employers, leadership style, ownership type, location, business scale.

Developing the required strategy, mutual agreement of timeframes and feedback points.

Design & build of the candidate pack.

Design & build of the psychometric analysis framework (if required).

Completing of an NDA (if required).

Candidate Search

Headhunting of a pre-defined number of target candidates.

Searching our pre-screened executive database for suitable candidates.

Advertising, localised, national, and international – if appropriate.

Professional networking – our network is your network.


Engaging with key target candidates.

Signing of NDA (if required)

MB competency and skills based filter interview.

Psychometric analysis (if required).

Presentation of a shortlist of suitable candidates, including detailed profile and interview notes.


Liaising with all key stakeholders and arranging convenient interview scheduling.

Distribution of the candidate pack and preparation of candidates for the interview process.

Comprehensive feedback report with both client and candidates.


Advising on the structure of the offer.

Managing the candidate acceptance and resignation process.

Feedback to unsuccessful candidates maintaining employer brand.

Post placement feedback with the candidate and client.

International relocation support (if required)

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MB Executive Search

Our team is carefully built to ensure that we are true to, and uphold, our company values.

Each day, we pursue excellence throughout our business, continuously improving, sharing insights and advice, nurturing and developing talent, and acting with responsibility & transparency.

We support our clients and candidates in delivering industry-leading talent solutions, developing an operating model free from bias and discrimination.

We are united by our shared values and actively encourage diversity in all of its forms.

Our leadership team is gender-balanced, which we are extremely proud of, and this is echoed in the wider business.

We recognise research that concludes the most successful leaderships teams are diverse and so partner with a number of our clients to design recruitment programmes tailored to meet their immediate and long-term D&I goals.

Our clients are provided with a full breakdown of all of our conduct, processes, and recommendations, in order to provide total transparency and a fair process.

Our team continually works to keep up-to-date with the latest market trends and requirements, focusing
on diversion and inclusion, within our HR practice.

Each year we research and publish various pieces of thought leadership which consider mental health, diversity and disability to help further the discourse in this area and ensure we provide equal work opportunities for all.

Our Services

Retained Search


Our retained service grants you access to leading c-suite talent from around the globe, in a confidential, cost-effective, and time saving manner.

Our team of experts have built extensive international networks of talent over decades of specialist consultancy work, enabling them to deliver an industry-leading service.

This service includes getting to know your organisation, its culture, future plans, and ownership structure, preparation of job descriptions & NDA’s (if required), interview processes, & candidate information packs, pre-screening, shortlist & market map presentation, process management, compensation & benefits, resignation management, and onboarding.

Psychometric Analysis


In partnership with a team of chartered psychologists, we deliver bespoke candidate analysis packages, tailored to assess the executive characteristics critical to your business, for example:

– Openness to Experience

– Conscientiousness

– Extroversion

– Agreeableness

– Neuroticism

– Leadership Style

Market Mapping


Our bespoke talent mapping service provides the ultimate analysis of a target market and the professionals residing within it.

We conduct thorough research, evaluating agreed upon demographics, locations, competitors and other target organisations, to provide comprehensive assessments of the factors that matter most to you.

An essential tool for influencing internal HR operations and informing critical executive decision making.


  • The Role
  • The Client Brief
  • Our Process
  • The Candidate
  • The Result

Executive Client Support

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