2023 Half Year Review – Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics, Practice Review

Posted on 3 July 2023

Has 2023 shown us the future of tech?

Each year consumer electronics manufacturers showcase their latest advancements at high-profile events, giving us a glimpse into what is to come. As is tradition, both ends of the spectrum, from mundane to magical are met with equal measures of criticism and scepticism. With 2023’s latest product debut leading us slowly but surely into the future.

At MacGregor Black, we’re supporting a number of clients, particularly across Finance, Ecommerce, and Commercial disciplines as they look to develop their digital and physical sales functions, whilst also retaining a crucial grip on financial analysis and reporting during a tough economic climate. As a result many of our clients are requesting shorter term recruitment campaigns and internal talent teams are seeing increased value from our proactive Talent Alert service.

Into the second half of 2023, we’re expecting to see these trends continue, with an additional focus on NPD and Product/Category Managers as many of our manufacturing clients continue to expand their product portfolios. As inflation continues to rise in many global markets, demand has remained, however continues its shift toward more value-based purchases. A trend we’re seeing across many of our practices as consumer consistently seek to bring more products and services ‘in-house’ at cost-effective and sustainable price points. As a result of this, traditionally higher-price point items are beginning to witness (on average) a drop in pricing as consumers are less inclined to spontaneously replace and more inclined to reuse.

Companies such as Hisense have experienced particular success largely due to ATL sports marketing campaigns, the further development of global sales networks and their impressive quality vs price point ratio.

Smart device and wearable tech also continues to grow in demand due to shifting global demographics and advancements in technology. Apple’s latest release of their ‘Vision Pro’ headset is a clear signal to the market that they feel consumers are ready for Augmented Reality, pioneering the move much as they did with the Apple Watch. We’re seeing a number of manufacturers commission market maps, in preparation for an increase in similar products over the long-term.

Our dedicated practice has grown with the addition of Daniel Hookway. A former professional golfer, Dan brings with him first-hand experience within an award-winning digital agency, supporting high-performing SEO, PPC, and Data Analytics campaigns. At MacGregor Black he leads our ecommerce division within our Consumer Goods practice, delivering industry-leading management & executive recruitment campaigns, on both permanent and interim vacancies.

If you’d like to discuss our support on a current or future role, or are looking for your next career move, get in touch with our dedicated Consumer Electronics Practice today via hello@macgregorblack.com or by calling +44 (0)191 691 1949